Hartzfyrre Whippets

Lexi - our first whippet

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Lexi is our first whippet and a very special girl. We bought Lexi as a pet and she has brought us many years of happiness and laughter! Lexi is the reason that Hartzfyrre exisits! The love of our first whippet Lexi started this crazy adventure.

Lexi is the best little 'mother' dog to all the puppies here at Hartzfyrre and is always the first dog to welcome anyone new into the house. We cannot imagine life without our crazy little Lexi. Even though Lexi is not a show dog, nor will she ever be bred from, as our first and most important girl she deserves her own page on our website!


Contact Details

Denni & Tony Maxwell
Bredbo, near Canberra, ACT, Australia
Email : [email protected]