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The Whippet

By Darren M. Grine



To the whippet that we so adore

  This sighthound has been part of social folklore

From this history, who could ask for more


 The whippet once hunted for wild game

To the miners, a whippet became their claim to fame

A snap dog, this would become its other name


Once considered a poor man’s racehorse

The whippet could run in many of a course

 Competing with, no matter what the source


The act of sporting, this is the whippet’s zest

Running like the wind, becomes its quest

Effortlessly gliding, always beating the rest


A powerful body that’s built for speed

The whippet’s drive is to take the lead

Graceful lines and curves, this is a sight indeed


Eyes that sparkle, will melt your heart

Shiny and oval shaped, what a work of art

That true whippet look, insists to be very smart


With a personality that’s unbelievable

The whippet is very unpredictable

Crazy from the heart is always acceptable


This whippet is considered very wise

Winsome and whimsical, there is no compromise

But to every whippet owner, this is no surprise

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