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Questionnaire for Puppy Buyers

Prospective Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

As a breeder, my goal is to place each of my puppies in his or her “forever” home.  The process I use to evaluate potential homes begins with the questionnaire below.

Each puppy is an individual.  Just as no two children in a family are identical, no two puppies are exactly alike.  Nor are any two prospective homes the same.  During the first 8-9 weeks of the puppies’ lives, I will be observing and evaluating their physical and personality traits.  And I will compare my observations to the information on each questionnaire to try to determine the most appropriate home for each puppy by matching the needs of each individual dog to each prospective owner’s lifestyle.

Therefore, the answers you provide in this questionnaire are vital in assisting me to match your home with the right puppy.  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  Some of the questions may seem personal; however, candor and honesty are very important—remember, you're asking me to trust you for the lifetime of the dog.

Please complete the below questionnaire and email it to us. 

Puppy Questionnaire


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